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To improve the quality of life for our people, customers and society


We behave in a way that makes our people, customers and society trust our business, by being open and honest and adding value to the society by making responsible decisions. We demonstrate transparency by sharing knowledge and responsibility to create a culture where our people feel able to contribute freely.

Trust, Ethical, Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Social Responsibility


By delegating authority we create an environment in which our people take decisions with responsibility and accountability to achieve our Mission and Vision.

Authority, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency

Working Together

We are committed to a culture of active involvement, which provides our people, customers and society the opportunity to add value to the way we work.

Team Spirit, Leadership, Sharing, Positive Thinking / Attitude, Respect, Committed, Humble


To be the preferred M & E Company in the UAE by 2014

(Preferred: means to be one of the top 5 Companies)

Career Development

We stretch our limits by going beyond conventional boundaries and provide the framework for our people to create new opportunities through learning and innovation. We improve the performance of our business every day by challenging existing and introducing new processes and practices.

Equal Opportunities, Learning, Enthusiasm, Passion, Motivation, Dedication, Recognition, Innovation, Creativity, Professionalism, Security, Loyalty and Responsibility

Healthy Environment

We create and experience a quality work / life balance supported by fair working practices and equal opportunities, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute positively to the benefit of themselves, their families and the business.

Environment, Recognition, Compassion, Rewards

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